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      Nice events
       In Christmas Day December 25 2006 I have met one family neighborhood (from Texas USA). They are foreigners. In their family has 3 members: David's father David's mother and David. They lived two blogs away from me. When I go upstairs I saw they washed their clothes. After that I said hello to them and we also have conversation with them. Mom Leslie presents her family : her husband Charles and her son David. David came for her work at Hope Hospital in Cambodia for 6 months. Charles talked to my grandfather to prepare breakfast and dinner to David everyday. My grandfather accepted and he said he likes a behavior of David and all family.
       This family has good education and very different from most fore.igners who come to visit Cambodia. I like Mom Leslie because she is very nice to me. Moreover, Mom Leslie likes me as her real daughter and send many books for me to read. We always exchange emails for knowing each other. My grandfather took also David like her grandson. Sometimes we went to walk outside to see the farmer village like Phnom Tamao ....Tonle Baty ............Everyday after dinner David taught English to me and I taught some Cambodian words to him too. I like David as my real brother because I don't have a brother. I want our relationship more and more tightly and forever. I also design one postcard for mom Leslie in her birthday at 14 March. She said she is very happy to get it and her family want come back again at June 2007.

   In email to me David said :"The only man never to be redeemed is the man without passion"

    I was 4 years old

I was 4 years old.

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