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I was just a baby!Who am I?.........You can contact me at penhchanmony@yahoo.com
      My name is Penh Chanmony. I was born in 1/April/1997 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Now I am 12 years old. My family has 8 members who are my grandparents, parents, my two uncles, my sister and me. Well, my grandpa name is Moeung Samnang, who worked as the director at Radio Phnom Penh. Unfornately, he already retired. My grandmom name is Sor Sokhom. Penh Chanthan is my father, who works at Cambodiana Hotel. Samnang Jeudi is my mother, who is the housewife. Her cooking is very dilicious.

Hey, baby! What do you want to say?Samnang David and Samnang Pisda are my uncles. My sister, Penh Chansophea is the student who is now study in grade 8 at PSIS. My grandmom said to me:"You could see everybody since you were born. I heard the midwife said that it was rare to see the baby as you. How amazing!" Actually, I started to study at school since I was 3 years old. I can read, write English and type computer since I was 5. I can design the webpage since I was 8. My granddad was enthusiastic an told me "You are very active and inventive girl".

What are you looking at?Sometimes, I think I'll become a doctor and a principal too. I want to be a doctor because I can help patients, and poor people. Also I want to be a principle, because I can educate people all around the world. In a relax time, I used to challenge my friends in all subjects: Khmer literature, math, biology, physic, chemistry, geography,.... My favorite subjects are biology, physic, chemistry, and math. I always take new ideas or new concepts to discuss with my friends. I want to know my idea is true or false? If I want to do something, I quickly do no delay and get along with all kinds of people. Besides, I usually search the internet, read books

Ha ha, you was just started to walk!and watch Ben10. Don't confused, Ben10 is just the cartoon. I watch it one hour per day. By the way, the books I have read are: Stuart Little, The lion, the witch and the wardrobe, The trumpet and the swan, Black beauty, Charlotte's web, Matilda, James and the Giant Peech..... If I don't know anything, I ask people how to do this or that? Why do I like these things?....... Because I was born in Aries (The ram) April 1st 1997......

Getting the certificate English level 12 in 10 years old.

Teacher Lundi, me, grandma and Director of the school      For 7 years of hard studying English from 3 to 10 years old I can graduate the level 12 at American Intercon Institute (www.aii.edu.kh). In Cambodia if we want learning English language as ESL we should start by 6 levels in kindergarten , 2 levels more for basic then we continue to study the 12 levels of ESL from beginner to elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate and finally the advanced (level 11 and 12). I'm the youngest student in my promotion (some of my friends are English's teacher in kindergarten),

Mony in graduation day the principal made a special gown for me. I was very proud and excited in my result. My family participated in the graduation day too,especially my grandfather smiled and was delighted that I can't see before. After the National Anthem Prof. Dr Mengly J.Quach, MD, MPH President and Principal of the Institute had a speech in English and Mr.Lundi Keo General Affairs Manager and Academic Coordinator translated in Khmer. He told all his background Professor Doctor from USA and the reason that he created the Institute. Today the institute has 6000 students, 300 staffs and teachers with good experiences. The Institute recognizes by US embassy and many others international organizations. After the speech of the Principal , Mrs. Helen Olena on behalf of teachers level 12  gave some intentions to the students to continue to learn more for getting a specialty like a professional writing or an English for Health and Medical etc......For relax we had students talent show and
Mony when she was 10some refreshment. In behalf of youngest students, the principle gave me a speech. First at all I thanked to the principal, to all teachers to my family and friends to take care me in my studying. After that I told about my experience in studying to be outstanding............
      Finally I took photo with my principle for souvenirs....

Some certificates that I have received since I went to school.
I received it when I was 3 years old.I received the certificate of merit when I was 8. Certificate of merit when I was 9.
Computer's certificate when I was 8.English Certificate when I was 10.Advanced English certificate when I was 11.
This is the certificate that I recieved when I was 3 years old. This is the certificate that I received when I was 3 years old.
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