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About Grandpa

       Grandpa always said to me ,my small angel, do you know:
Strong men are not always tall: small people are not always weak; it depends on the person. A man maybe a weak in body but strong in character. He can have spiritual strength with bodily weakness. Beauty is rather like greatness. It too, is in the character of a man or a woman and this spirit in man or a woman gives the world its great music, books and pictures".

Good blogger
Dad Charles
       His blog inspires lots of things: travel, food, emotion, sentiment, charity etc...We can see exciting photos from his adventure. .A great sentiment with his son is superb and chalereux. His name is Charles, I called him Dad because he take cares me in my studying and advises me. I love him as my Dad. Please see at ck's journal.blogspot.com.....
During birthday party
Mony, Mom, and Sophea

       This is the picture of my family during my 12th  birthday anniversary. Cake from Cambodiana Hotel, Kury with breads etc.... were foods for my birthday. We invited some friends relationship . We were very happy to meet them and they wished me healthy and success in my studying. I prayed: to be in a bright way for our final result : a doctor........I wish Dad Charles and Mom Leslie are healthy good luck, success in their life, wish David to be a lawyer......

My favorites
david and me at Tamoe
      His name is David, he looked like my real brother and Teacher. My family love him very much. He taught me to speak English very well when I was nine. After he got a bachelor degree of phychologie, he came back to Cambodia for six months to work at Sihanouk hospital as volunteer. Now he learns for master degree to be the best lawyer......

Nice Events
Mony, Mom and David

      Christmas Day December 25 2006 I met one family neighborhood (from Texas USA). They are foreigners. Their family has 3 members: David's father David's mother and David. They lived two blogs away from me. When I stayed upstairs I saw they washed their clothes. Then I said hello to them and we had conversation with. Mom Leslie presents her family : her husband Charles and her son David. David came for his work at Hope Hospital..........

Who is she???
me and brandy
      Am I look fat? Well, do you see the girl who stands near me?? Her name is Brandy, who is the brilliant student in the university. She studies at Cambridge university which is the top ten university in the world. She studies  hard to be a good doctor and help people. I wanna be a doctor too. I think she will teach me some clues to become a good doctor and.......
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